Permian Sunrise/OilStrata

Above the Pennsylvanian Black Shale sits the Wolfcamp formation still the main target in the West Texas Permian Basin. Here is where our primary acreage is located. 47,000 Primary acres and counting.

Our lease rocks are three times thicker than nearby leases which preserves the integrity of the zone. The reason our wells have average life spans of 27 years. The cost of acreage will not remain this cheap much longer.

Developing primary acreage on highly graded commercial areas

is our main objective for the highest possible sale price at divestiture. Lease assignments are mailed from the county office.

Since 1937 working the Permian land for three generations close contacts were formed generating lower costs. Over 600 wells have been completed in the Permian Basin in the past 35 years by our operator.