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Success Orientated

Upon the Permian Basin Eastern Shelf, you'll find our Pennsylvania Black Shale reserves.

Stratigraphically closest in formation to our reserves and off the shelf is the Wolfcamp Shale with younger rocks. 100 miles away similar acreage cost 6 times as much. 

Building & Selling 5000 bopd companies is what we do. Working Interest is now being made available for the first time to those outside our circle of industry friends. Join us in our drilling programs that are 3rd. party engineered on primary acreage (over 44,000 acres). Soon your wells will begin paying for themselves.

Working Interest Partners

Created in 2010, OilStrata works with primary acreage on the West Texas Permian Basin.

Eagle Production Inc in Abilene, Texas is a working interest partner with all wells registered under Eagle Production Inc. EPI has drilled nearly 800 wells during 38 years in the West Texas Permian Basin.


All vertical wells have been sold since in order to concentrate on new horizontal well projects. A complete well history is available.

oilstrata@oilstrata.com (325) 513-7912