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Success Orientated

Our main focus is building and selling 5000 bopd companies. We offer both working & lease interest with each horizontal lease project. After the 24th month, divestiture is scheduled. Earlier wells will have paid 2:1.


Wells and Leases are sold then to the highest bidder seeking cash flow and assets. Add a one-time lump sum pro rata lease interest payment to your monthly cash flow and your earning potential becomes crystal clear. Using this model, 4:1 ROI is easily seen within three years @$65 oil. This is a bona fide 100% tax deductible wealth builder. Real reserves not numbers.

An opportunity is given to own your horizontal well. Expertly drilled in only 30 days by our operator and working interest partner EPI of Abilene who have nearly 800 wells completed over 38 years on these same primary acres. We assist in building wealth in estate, trust funds and for people who have the desire to make money.