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Texas county map
Setting up the oil pump.
Working Interest on Developmental Acreage

Stratigraphically closest in formation to our reserves but

off the eastern shelf and with younger rocks we find the Wolfcamp Shale — 100 miles away similar acreage cost

six times as much. Over 800 wells were drilled by our own operator during the past 38 years here in West Texas.


In addition to monthly cash, your pro rata lease share is a

one-time lump sum payment. Rollovers are carried lease

to lease using your first right of refusal. A 100% non-passive tax deduction. WI Inquiries from time to time are recommended.

Est. Recoverable Reserves:  43,047,000 BO (ROI leases)
Gross Value (@$80/Bbl):      $3,443,760,000
Gross Value (@$95/Bbl):      $4,089,465,000

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